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General forum rules

Post by StiflersM0M » Thu 9. Oct 2014, 15:27

We hate adding rules but as we all know there is a lot of spammers and Signatures Junkies over the net.. so here is a general forums rules, we don't send a warning or suspend we just REMOVE the bad ones :

- Do not spam or self-promote in the forums
These forums define spam as unsolicited advertisement for goods, services and/or other web sites or posts with little, no or completely unrelated content.

- Do not spam the forums with links to your site or product, or try to self-promote your website, business or forums etc. Doing so is a waste of time.
Your account will be banned permanently and your posts will be deleted.

However, please note that there are two exceptions to the self-promotion rule. In the "Say hello!" section, you may post the URL of your website.. But please don't ABUSE!

- Do not post "Free " threads
Posting pyramid scams (such as free iPods, LCDs etc.) is forbidden. All such posts/signatures will be edited or deleted. Any new users posting scams will be banned permanently; contributing users will either be warned or temporarily banned.

- Do not cross post questions
Please refrain from posting the same question in several forums. There is normally one forum which is most suitable in which to post your question.

- Do not post copyright-infringing material

- Do not upload, attach, or otherwise post any copyrighted material which you are not free to redistribute (subject to the licensing terms of the specific item). If you have a question about having permission to post or attach a specific item, please ask a moderator.

- We do not condone or accept posts pertaining to illegal activities such as hacking, cracking, warez, or spam.

- Any posts or threads found in violation of this rule will be edited or deleted, and the poster warned or possibly banned; at the moderation team's discretion.

- Do not post "offensive" posts, links or images

- Do not post anything which is offensive, hateful, racist, sexist, discriminatory, obscene, vulgar or in violation of local or international laws.

- Remain respectful of other users, moderators and administrators at all times.

- All posts should be professional and courteous. You have every right to disagree with your fellow community members and explain your perspective.

However, you are not free to attack, degrade, insult, or otherwise belittle them or the quality of this community. It does not matter what title or power you hold in these forums, you are expected to obey this rule. Doing otherwise will get your account banned temporarily, or permanently if the situation becomes severe enough (this will be left to the discretion of the moderation team).

For example, phrases such as "shut up, noob, idiot," are indicative of problematic posts and should be reported. Suggested alternatives include "I disagree with what you said for the following reasons..." Please remember to stay mature and thoughtful at all times.

If you need help, feel free to ask the community with a topic, but please use significate titles, nothing like "HELP ME" or "I got a problem" and similliar titles, good titles for example:
"ArcheAge when the next patch will be released ?", "Which was the first ? egg or hen ?" i hope you got the point what i mean.
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